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General Electric "Monitor Top" refrigerators were produced from 1927 through 1935. As a testament to what America used to be, many are still in use today. Since the compressor units are hermetically sealed, they cannot be easily worked on or repaired. As a consequence, the machines that are still functioning bear witness to the highest development of technology and honesty in business that once characterized American corporate direction. How many other products are working today, after 75 years, without any maintenace or repair? Before "planned obsolesence", lightbulbs used to last for years, automobiles were made so that a man could maintain his own investment, and count on it delivering the promise he paid for. Countless other products still return the value that the consumer expected in years gone by. Alas, no more. Corporate America has discovered that if a car last's forever, or a refrigerator never needs work, well then, the consumer base dries up.